There are around 200 thousand car accidents on New Jersey’s roads every year. One of the most common causes of these crashes is a rear-end collision, resulting in whiplash that can result in severe pain in the neck and back for drivers and passengers.

Although chiropractic care is frequently the best option for these problems, far too many people instead turn to prescription medications or even surgery. But before pursuing other options, holistic pain management in New Jersey should be tried because it is all-natural, non-invasive, and highly effective for spinal injuries. Here are just a few ways that chiropractic care benefits people who have been in car accidents:

Reduce Inflammation

During an auto accident, soft tissues, which include tendons, ligaments, and muscles, are frequently harmed. Often, this damage is so minor that it goes undetected during standard diagnostic testing. However, one of the main causes of pain the day following an auto accident is microscopic tears in the soft tissues, which cause swelling as a result.

Additionally, the inflammation that develops after an injury slows the healing process by preventing blood flow to the areas that require it and the oxygen, nutrients, and antibodies it carries. By manipulating the joints and soft tissues, a chiropractor can encourage your body to produce IL-6, a substance that naturally reduces inflammation.

Reduce Scar Tissue

Just as they do on the skin after a cut heals, scar tissues can accumulate inside the body after an injury. However, internal scar tissue isn’t just cosmetic (like it usually is on the outside), soft tissue scarring can cause pain by impinging on nerves and restricting motion. A chiropractor can help you feel better and heal faster by speeding up the breakdown of soft tissue scarring.

Reduce Pain

Numerous studies have demonstrated how pain can be reduced by chiropractic treatment after an injury. First, manual manipulation assists in relieving pressure on the pain-causing nerves. Additionally, many people report feeling significant relief following an adjustment, possibly due to the release of pain-reducing hormones.

Restores Range of Motion

Neck or back injuries can result in restricted mobility. When your muscles are inflamed, it might be challenging to turn your neck or move in other ways. Chiropractic adjustments that mobilize the spine can aid in regaining the proper range of motion and speed up the healing process.

Long-Term Benefits

Following a car accident, chiropractic care has been shown to reduce long-term accident-related issues in patients. This includes a decrease in complications, the need for surgery, and the use of prescription painkillers. After a car accident, seeking chiropractic care as soon as possible can help prevent minor injuries from turning into more serious, long-lasting conditions.

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